Today women are no more the weaker sex, but rather a powerful gender that is known to be extremely multitasking and talented enough to raise the future of a nation. Along with the advancement of technology and globalization, the crime rate also seems to be increasing with the time. Despite having a lot of crime control measures by the government and authorities, there still seems to be a lot of scope of improvement for women safety measures.

It has become the responsibility of each and every good citizen to ensure women and children around us remains safe. But there are times, when a woman has to take things in her own hands and to ensure safety for herself she should be equipped with the skill, vigilance, and safety products to move confidently in every phase of her life. Carry one of the effective women safety products that can give you the confidence to walk tension free. Women’s personal safety products can also ensure less crime rate.

We face small ups and downs on our daily basis routine, but the situation can be heartbreaking if it affects us on a large scale. We cannot take control of what is stored for us in life but we can clearly take precautions, before a mishappening. Mace has a perfect solution for you and your loved ones to defend against such a pitiful situation. Women safety devices from Mace are an absolute essential in current times. It has a huge contribution to a safety defense product for a decade. Pepper Spray: Mace has launched a line of pepper sprays as a women’s personal safety product since 2006. Its signature design and perfect portability shape it into one of the best women safety product. Women can be her own safety officer by carrying it with her. Its content is made of naturally occurring organic pepper. This women safety spray has powerful bursts which last up to 15 bursts.

Stun Guns: Launched by Mace as non-lethal weaponry, this women safety device acts as a deterrent and, if needed, they can disable an attacker temporarily by delivering a non-lethal, high-voltage electric shock. It can calm an angry mob by just firing it in the air. The self protection spray acts a flashlight cum taser guns which make it even more multipurpose and efficient. It is a form of personal defence spray and it can also be used as a self protection spray or a women safety device.