How to Use?

Our sprays are natural ingredients that irritate the eye, permitting an opportunity to escape.

Mace® Brand Pepper sprays are a careful blend of oleoresin capsicum (OC) in a nonflammable vehicle. We manufacture several different formulas–many of which include UV Dye to help identify a possible assailant and tear gas for an extra punch–in a variety of models and spray patterns. Our defense sprays are formulated to be an effective, less-than-lethal means of self defense.

Mace® Brand pepper spray allows you to defend yourself at a safe distance outside the arm’s reach of an attacker, giving you the chance to escape with time to reach safety. Pepper spray is commonly referred to as OC spray, since it is made from Oleoresin Capsicum, a natural ingredient derived from hot peppers powerful enough to temporarily impair an attacker when coming in direct contact with their eyes, nose, and mouth. Mace® Brand pepper sprays are formulated to be a safe, effective, and less-than-lethal means of personal defense.

How to use Pepper Spray the right way?

Pepper spray is extremely useful to protect oneself from unknown dangers. These sprays are made from hot cayenne peppers which can cause extreme irritation, itching, and burn if it came in contact with the eyes or skin. That’s what actually makes them perfect for self-protection.

If you’re going to buy pepper spray, you might hesitate with one simple question “How do I use it?” ortunately, pepper spray is extremely easy to use. Follow the below steps and you are ready to defend yourself:

Test the functioning: Discharge two shorts in a safe area away from all persons and animals in the vicinity. By this small test, you’ll know that your spray is working properly and you can rely on it in dangerous situations.

Practice: Pepper sprays are meant to irritate the eyes of the attacker. Take some time to perfect your aim, as eyes are the most vulnerable part of our body.

Draw easily: Keep your pepper spray out of sight, but in a place where you can reach it without effort.

Escape: After you sprayed pepper spray, your first instinct should be to escape the situation. Its effect will give you enough time to yell and draw some attention too.