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How to stay safe on dark winter streets?

Winters are coming and so are the early darks and lonely streets. It’s a well known fact that winters lead to more crime and injury; a fear that is sadly growing in evidence. It’s not surprising that most of the people do not feel safe in walking alone on these dark alone streets, especially women. Walking alone in dark makes you vulnerable to personal attacks and nobody wants to face that situation. But instead of spooking out, face the winters like a pro. Follow our safety tips to stay safe on dark lonely streets this winter:  
  1. Stay alert about your surroundings
It’s important to know what’s around you. Is the street you are taking is well lit or not? Keep an eye on who’s walking behind you. If you feel that someone is trying to follow you, stop at some random shop to let that person pass you. Have some knowledge about different streets that leads to your destination. By this, you’ll be able to trick your stalker by taking different paths every time.  
  1. Keep a torch with you
It may sound nothing, but it can be a big game changer when it comes to dark poorly lit streets. A torch can raise your confidence level too. A torch will prevent you from encountering sudden accidents too.  
  1. Try to avoid empty streets
It makes no sense to choose dimly lit empty street if you’re walking alone. Always, try to walk close to crowds by choosing well lit and busy streets.  
  1. Look confident
Here is a situation for you: Let’s suppose you’re visiting someplace for the first time, and you know nothing about that location. What would you do? The answer is ‘fake it till you make it’. Yes! All you have to do is to look confident by your expressions and gestures. Blend with the locals and project that you know what you’re doing and going. It will send a message to others that you are not vulnerable, and it’s not the best idea to mess up with a local.  
  1. Carry Mace Pepper Spray, just in case
A little bottle of pepper spray won’t hurt anyone….oops this will actually! Nowadays, it’s good to take some kind of personal protection with you. Pepper spray gives you the opportunity to fight back and escape. Follow these little tips and tricks and live freely not only in the winter but always.

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