October 6, 2017

A Letter from a mother to her teenage daughter!

To My little girl, Can’t believe you are all grown up and heading forth to start a new life. I knew forever in my heart, this day would come when my caterpillar would become a butterfly and fly away from me to explore the world. Ever since I got the news of your admission I have been planning on to have ‘The Talk’. I know by now you got the idea and you are preparing yourself for the long lectures. Trust me, it took me around a week to present the same without intending on to scare you off. Baby, I know you are all grown up and can take care of yourself, Still, keep these small things in mind.
September 28, 2017

How to stay safe at outdoor events

Whether it’s a music concert or some festive celebration, outdoor events are the most enjoyable activities to attend. But, with all the fun you need to make sure that you’re taking safety measures to stay safe during your next outdoor event. Meghna (name changed) is an ardent fan of Raftaar and makes it a point to attend all his festival, concerts and live performances every time he performs in Delhi Region. “While the Music and the Ambience are generally good, what always bothers me is the crowd and the coming back from these venues. Though I always go out with my gang still you know how things can get ugly” she adds with a frown
September 23, 2017

Going for a mountain hike? Go safe!

Outdoor exercise while enjoying fresh air is something which can’t be out shadowed by any other thing. Studies have shown that exercising in natural environments versus indoors enhances mental well-being. Whether you like to walk, run, hike or bike, be sure to take the following five things with you for your next outdoor adventure.
September 16, 2017

Top 6 safest cities for solo women travelers in India

Recently an article published in Trip.com, according to which India is the 4th dangerous city in the whole wide world for solo women travelers. While the fact is partially true, you can’t deny the other fact that India is one exceptionally beautiful destination. So, ladies keep your fears aside, trust your instinct, follow some basic safety tips, and explore this country like never before!