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How to pack for solo backpacking?

Solo traveling is daunting, and scary, and terrifying, and so so memorable and exceptional that you would want to do it again and again. It’s an amazing experience where you are your own boss and you can do anything you want and in any order.
Sure there are odd nervous moments when you can feel a little bit scared, but scary is good (well, sometimes). It’s okay to be scared; it means you are alarmed about your safety and security. It also means that you’ll probably take more precautionary measures for you.
But before all of that, you need to do some packing girl!
When traveling alone, packing light and smart should be your mantra. Think about comfort and convenience over style and luxury.
Let’s start –
The Bag – Go for a roller bag or a carry-on backpack. But try to keep it light as you are the one who’s going to carry it everywhere. Also, keep some space for future articles (because you know, shopping!)  

Day Pack – You’re not going to carry your suitcase or your backpack with you everywhere. What you need is a small daypack. It should be comfortable, light and theft-proof. Instead of going for fancy ones, buy a sensible, tough, and travel-friendly daypack.  

Travel Documents – Do not forget to carry all your important travel documents with you like passport, travel visas, flight tickets, train passes, hotel bookings, etc. Also, take pictures of all your travel documents and save them in your phone or in a USB drive. This way even if you lost your backpack or you get robbed, you’ll be able to reach your important documents.  

Clothes & Footwear – Follow this mantra for minimalist backpacking – The less, the better. Choose wrinkle-free, light and versatile clothes. Don’t forget to pack the essentials though. Try to pack clothes that are most weather-friendly and culture-friendly. The same rule applies to footwear – comfortable and versatile. I know you love those strappy heels but let’s be honest; these heels are not ideal travel footwear. Pack a pair of fancy flats, sneakers, and flip flops (trust me, that’s all you need).  

Personal Items & Toiletries – Do not carry large bottles of shampoo and lotions. Try to avoid any glass bottles too. Go for travel-friendly mini plastic bottles to keep all your liquid skin care and beauty products. Also, don’t forget to carry a large laundry bag for keeping dirty clothes.  
Personal Safety Products – Sounds a little too much? I don’t think so. As much as solo traveling sounds amazing; it’s a bit risky too, especially for a woman. To avoid any mishaps, I keep some personal safety products with me all the time. Some of my favorite products are Mace Brand Pepper Spray, Mace Brand Personal Safety Alarms, and a flashlight.  

Technical Stuff – I know traveling should be about escaping the virtual world but, there are some techs that you need everywhere. This includes a universal adapter, camera, batteries, memory card, charger, etc.

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