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September 28, 2017
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October 6, 2017

A Letter from a mother to her teenage daughter!

To My little girl, Can’t believe you are all grown up and heading forth to start a new life. I knew forever in my heart, this day would come when my caterpillar would become a butterfly and fly away from me to explore the world. Ever since I got the news of your admission I have been planning on to have ‘The Talk’. I know by now you got the idea and you are preparing yourself for the long lectures. Trust me, it took me around a week to present the same without intending on to scare you off. Baby, I know you are all grown up and can take care of yourself, Still, keep these small things in mind.  

1)Talk to me(A.K.A mom) Sweety, whenever you feel low or the world is not treating you well, come to me. Always remember I changed your diaper when you pooped your pants, so you can well judge who knows you better in and out.  

2)Take special care of what you post! I know you love posting everything online. It gets on my nerves at times, I am not saying a ‘NO’ but at least be a little cautious about what goes on the internet. I agree I don’t get the internet much but I have seen people falling into the traps of cybercrime. I don’t want my baby girl to fall for these bad guys and harm herself.  

3)Don’t let the Peer-Pressure get to you It’s ok to miss a party because you have your assignments to complete on a deadline.It’s not necessary you attend everything for the sake of hurting a friend’s feeling. Trust me it will pass, true friends will encourage your priorities and respect them.  

4)Always carry a personal safety product along with you I know You won’t pay much heed to it but your safety is my primary concern make it yours as well from now. I have slipped a Mace Brand pepper spray in the front pocket of your backpack. Carry it with you always and use it wisely.  

5)Don’t trust anybody blindly You will be meeting new people every day who will take you through different experiences each day. I am not against of making new friends and exploring the new you. Be a little cautious while making friends.Keep a check on whom you mingle with.Keep this in mind ‘A man is known by the company he keeps’.  

Baby, keep these small things in mind it will help you be aware of your safety. My blessings are always with you, try not to get into troubles and be safe. I know I smother you at times, but try keeping up with this old lady. Hope to see you soon.  

Hugs And Kisses Mom.

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