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October 6, 2017
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How women can keep themselves safe?

I know living alone is not an easy job, especially for single women. There are social and its rules, and then there are aunties who always want to poke their nose in our business. But, the worst of all are the predators that see every single woman out there as their target. I know it’s not easy to live freely in such society, but there are some measures that you can take to make your life a little bit easy. Here are 5 amazing safety hacks for you; I hope they’ll make some difference:  
  1. Carry portable safety alarms
Most people think that personal safety alarms are only meant for kids. It’s really not; they can be a useful tool for you too. Buy a good personal safety alarm and don’t ever forget to carry it with you, you never know when it could save your life.  
  1. Do not wear headphones on street
Don’t ever think about it. When you wear headphones, you cut yourself from the outer world. By this, you are giving an easy way to stalkers to follow you. To aware more about your surroundings, avoid headphones when you are walking on the streets.  
  1. Avoid empty street, bus, or parking spot
These are the loud and clear sign of potential danger. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to take an empty street or bus, pretend that you are on a call. Show others that someone knows about your location or they are coming to pick you up. This way you’ll send a message to the strangers that messing up with you might not be the best case for them.  
  1. Share your cab location & details with someone you trust
Tell me honestly, do you feel safe inside an empty cab? No? Do you take any safety measures when you sit inside a cab? No? Almost every other day we heard about cab related crimes, yet we choose to do nothing about it. It’s time that we start taking responsibility for our own safety. From now on, try to be more alert when you step inside a cab. Share your cab details and location with someone you trust.  
  1. Keep a little bottle of pepper spray with you
Never underestimate the power of a little bottle of pepper spray. I definitely think girls should carry pepper spray around with them no matter what time of day it is. You never know when someone might try to attack you. It’s a perfect defense mechanism in almost any situation.

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